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Before Five in a Row book, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, with lapbook, and Qur'an ayah printable! -

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is such a fun book – one of Aamina’s favorites already – and so it seemed the perfect fit to be our introduction to lapbooking! All I can say is Wow! Aamina went from being very hesitant to do anything school-like, to asking to do school multiple times a day! Lapbooking has made such a big change in our house, and I’m really excited to start sharing it with all of you!

So far, I’ve gotten all of our lapbook materials from, though I’m sure I’ll branch out as time goes on. Also, for kids already in elementary school, there are many more resources for lapbooking, and its cousin, notebooking.

Onto our first lapbook!

Aamina’s favorite part had to be the sequencing cards, where we talked about first, second, third, next, and last. We got to recall the various sounds within the book, always a fun treat to mimic the sounds together!

Before Five in a Row book, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, with lapbook, and Qur'an ayah printable! -

A new concept for Aamina is “through.” Even though we’ve read the book numerous times before making the lapbook, I’m not sure she really understood what it meant, so the activity with the book was awesome to work on this. And to prove the value of her work, we did this lapbook a few weeks ago and just the other day, she had a couple pieces from a different lapbook and placed them over, under, and through (or tried to, at least), all on her own! Proud mama moment right there, alhamdulilah!

Before Five in a Row book, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, with lapbook, and Qur'an ayah printable! -

Another fairly new concept for Aamina is patterns. We’ve talked about it in passing, and she sees it on Umizoomi, but I think she’s just now getting to the point she’s ready to work with it on her own. There were multiple patterns she worked on, over the course of a few days, but the paper turned into scissor practice, so just the one line survived.

picBefore Five in a Row book, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, with lapbook, and Qur'an ayah printable! -

We specifically started with a book used within Before Five in a Row, so we could tie in all the activities together. We are pretty relaxed with how many activities we complete in Before Five in a Row, but I wanted to make sure I don’t miss out on the benefit of tying in religious lessons with each book. What better way to show that Islam fits in all parts of our life than to include it in our secular studies? With the lack of an Islamic homeschool publisher, we have to do a bit more work to make it happen, but it isn’t impossible. The lapbook on Homeschool Share includes a Bible verse, so I wanted to make sure I included a Qur’an ayah that seemed to fit also, in sha Allah.

Click on the image below to download a mini book to include in your lapbook:

Before Five in a Row book, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, with lapbook, and Qur'an ayah printable! -

In our more recent lapbooks, we’ve included a corresponding letter lapbook page later in the week, but with this being the first, we didn’t include that quite yet. In sha Allah future posts will include what letter we used along with our book.


Aug 202014

You don't have to pack a ton of stuff to bring a preschooler on a camping trip! Try out these easy preschool camping activities to ward off boredom when you're away from home! -

With our most recent camping trip, it begs the question, “How to keep the kids occupied and happy?” We really didn’t go on many excursions outside of our campsite, but Aamina (3.5 yrs) had a great time and actually seemed more bored when we got home! Here are some super simple preschool camping activities to keep in mind for your next camping trip!

Make s’mores

Aamina loved to help in any way she could, and since a campfire isn’t that safe, cooking was limited to s’mores for her. With a longer stick for her “marshpillow,” she could stay a safe distance and still feel like she was taking part. Add in chocolate and a shortbread cookie (surprisingly good substitute when I couldn’t find gluten free graham crackers!) and she was having a blast!

S'mores! The perfect preschooler activity while camping. See more on Free and Frugal Preschool Camping Activities! -

Nature study

Too bad we forgot to bring Aamina’s Eye Spy cards she loves so much! We spent a lot of time slowing walking around the campground, finding bugs and animals we don’t normally see at home. She was entranced with a grasshopper and the fireflies.When sitting to eat or just relax, we listened for woodpeckers, owls, loons, and turkeys. Just these simple observation activities has really made Aamina more aware of what’s around her, and she notices small details we pass over.

We weren’t by a body of water, but if your campsite is, that’s a great place to find even more wildlife to observe and explore. Can you find frogs? What’s the difference between a frog and a toad? What lives in the seashells?

I would argue that nature study is the most important activity you should do with your preschooler while camping. It’s simple taking longer to walk from one place to another, sitting down at interesting spots, and watching the world around you while asking questions. You might not know the answer to all the questions, but make sure you take the time to observe what’s around you!

Build a fire

Obviously, this activity is only done before you start the fire! A preschooler can definitely help lift up small logs and try to place them in the shape for a good campfire. I believe that too often we shoo off our kids so we can do things faster, but how will they learn to help around the house if they never have to do anything? Plus, for those of us without a wood burning fireplace, this is a rare activity that seems very exciting for a preschooler!

Kids can help build a campfire, too! Find more preschool camping activities! -

Flashlight games

Can you make a bunny with your hand? Can you point the flashlight onto something blue? What about something red? What happens when you all have your flashlights on and you are trying to view the stars at night? Why doesn’t a flashlight light things up during the day?  Beyond exploring and learning, play some fun flashlight games that will keep everyone moving and having fun!

Printing, texture transfer, and other art

Just bring some paper, colored pencils, and one small thing of paint to make some fun and easy artwork. Place the piece of paper over a tree trunk and color on the paper to make texture transfer art. How does that compare to coloring over a tree trunk (if you can find one cut and available)? Compare impressions of different leaves and other pieces of nature, except animals of course! Ha! You can use your paint to paint a leaf and stamp it on to a piece of paper, too.

If your preschooler is willing, you can even ask them to make a drawing of their campsite. I know Aamina would have no interest in doing that, but many other preschoolers are ready and willing for such a task.

What are some other activities you’ve done with your preschooler on camping trips?

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Aug 182014

The curriculum sales across the homeschool community will be coming to a close, and iHomeschool Network’s Omnibus sale is the perfect way to finish off your homeschool buying with a bang!

The section I’m most excited about are all the planners! I love to mix and match planners to work exactly the way I want, and with this, you don’t need to look elsewhere for any piece of it!

Omnibus has something for everyone!! Last major homeschool sale of the summer!

Beyond organization and planning, there are both secular and Christian homeschooling support eBooks and mp3s. Whether you have a large family, or just one child, take some time for yourself to read or listen to wise words from veteran homeschooling moms, and get yourself mentally energized and ready for your next task ahead of you.

Omnibus has something for everyone!! Last major homeschool sale of the summer!

Omnibus has something for everyone!! Last major homeschool sale of the summer!

And curriculum! A fun, wide variety of curriculum from PreK to high school and many subject areas like history, language arts, and fine arts.

Omnibus has something for everyone!! Last major homeschool sale of the summer! Omnibus has something for everyone!! Last major homeschool sale of the summer!

No where else will you find such a wide variety of resources for such a low price! Each author is passionate about the subject they’ve written about, and it shines through their work.

Plus, you can get all the files on DVD for safe keeping if your computer crashes! How cool is that?

Refunds and file access information:

  • The deadline for refunds is September 5. Positively no refunds will be given if the file host shows that you have downloaded any files.
  • 9 The ebooks will only be available until September 25, please do not delay in downloading them. See the FAQ or contact iHomeschool Network for more information.
  • 9 DVDs can be purchased until September 20.

Ready? Head on over and buy now to get the last major homeschool sale of the summer.

Lastly, here’s a full list of all the eBooks in the bundle! This does not include a list of the MP3s, but I can assure you, you’ll love them!

Just the iHomeschool Studio conference sold for $25 alone!! Now you get the MP3s wrapped up in this huge bundle.

Book title
100+ Notebooking Page Templates
101 Independent Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers
2014 Studio MP3s
2nd Grade Fruit of the Spirit Penmanship
A Diligent Heart Planner
A Gentle Answer
A Life That Flourishes
A Seasonal Start in Fall Chalk Pastels
A Simple Guide to Saving Money on Food
Alphabet Dictionary
And the Word Became Flesh: A 90-Day Chronological Journey Through the New Testament
Basic Shapes for Beginners
Beginner’s Cursive Fruit of the Spirit Penmanship
Bible Writer-Vol. 2 Scripture Memory and Copywork that Teaches Who Jesus Is
Blog Planner 2014
Chalk Pastels-Art at the Beach
Children’s History
Christmas Crafts for Kids: Add on Printable Book
Circle Time: Plan the Best Part of the Day
Classic Literature Pack Volume 2
Color-By-Number ABCs
Color-By-Number Holidays
Cornerstone Confessions Everything Planner
Cursive Fruit of the Spirit Penmanship
Dear Wife: Letters from a Help Meet
Designing Your Language Arts Curriculum
Elementary Art Color Theory Pack
Encompass Preschool Curriculum
Essay Tune Up
Essential Chefs: A Beginner’s Guide to Using Essential Oils in Your Kitchen
Family Homeschool Planner 2014-2015
Family Mission Planner
Famous Men of the Middle Ages – Text and Notebooking Pages
Forever Blog Planner
Freezer to Slow Cooker Week 2
From Frazzled to Focused: 7 Planning Tools for Busy Moms
Gloria: A Christmas Hymn Study
God’s Little Explorers Preschool Curriculum
Hands-On Learning
Help! I’m Homeschooling!
Holy Communion and Reconciliation Worksheet and Activity Packet
Homechooling Your Kinesthetic Visual Learner
Homeschool Teacher Planner
Homeschooling 101
Homeschooling an Only Child: When Just One is Just Right
Homeschooling High School: Ten Steps to the Finish Line
How to Choose “Just Right” Books: Helping Kids Grow as Readers
Intentional Marriage: The Art of Loving Your Husband {A 31 Day Devotional}
Introductory Entomology
Kindergarten Fruit of the Spirit Penmanship
Large Family Homeschooling
Mrs. Hutchinson’s Classroom Guides: Homeschool Basics
My Book of Centuries, a notebook for Pre-K-3rd grade
Not a Statistic: Parenting in a Broken World
Notebooking Success
Out of this World!
Picture and Writing: Older Ages
Planner Perfect. A Fresh Idea On Organizing Your Life
Pocket Chart Calendar Bundle
Raising Rock Stars Preschool
Reality Check
Simply Homeschool 2nd Edition: Have Less Fluff and Bear More Fruit
Spice Up Your Homeschooling
SQUILT Volume 2: Classical Era
Table Talk: Dinner Conversation Starters
Thank You Notes for Kids
Thanksgiving Heart: Cultivating
The ABCs of the Bible Scripture Copywork
The Bold Meal Planning Method Deluxe Kit
The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Romance
The Cherished Home: Protecting What’s Important
The Steady Mom’s Freedom Guide
The Story of Christ’s Birth
The Ultimate Guide to Field Trips in Canada
Thriving the First Days of Becoming Mommy
Trees Fun Fact Cards
Understanding Copywork
Unfulfilled: A Help Meet’s Journey
Unschooling: A Lifestyle of Learning
We Got Jazz! Exploring the Pioneers of Scat, Bebop, and Swing
Weekly Homeschool Planner
Writing a Biography
You Can Do It Too: 25 Homeschool Families Share Their Story
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Eid Camping and Family Update!

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Student Goal Setting Worksheet - For Teens!

Student Goal Setting Worksheet – For Teens!

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